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Fabulous February...creating opportunity!



Sorry, this offer is currently sold out and is not available!

Fabulous February is ON!

We just recently put together a fantastic offer to help put you on the cyber map!

Introducing...Fabulous February!

For the entire month of February, we are drastically lowering our prices and pretty much giving away our best selling web development package for a really affordable price! This is the opportunity that you may have been waiting for all along! We are swinging open our doors and literally handing you a high quality, professional product that you can be proud to call your very own! With over 6 years of  hands-on web development experience, we've consistently delivered high-quality, professionally-built and inspiring websites to each of our proud list of clients...and we want to do the same for you...but with a little twist!

What is this all about?

Marketing Suicide? Philanthropy? Call it what you want, but this is the bottom line of what Fabulous February is all about....

From the 1st of February, till the 28th of February 2010...we'll build you a professional, database-driven, beautiful, search-engine-optimized, profile-enhancing and functional website that'll not just give you an online presence, but also over-deliver on your requirements, wow your online audience, and frankly make your competition jealous.

...and we'll do it all for an all-time low price of
only Ksh. 20,000/=.

To top it all off, we'll ensure that the entire development process of your new website happens within two weeks only. No more waiting for months to get what you paid for and need.

Yes, we totally realize that sounds like hype but the fact is, it's a true statement. Seriously.

So what's the catch...

We'll be upfront with you! Our only catch is this...that we shall only offer this to 28 customers.

That's right! Only 28 customers will get in on this offer!

The reason we are limiting this is simply because of the sheer workload and commitment it takes to deliver on our promises...and we will only allow 28 new customers to enjoy this offer. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the attention they deserve, and we have no intention of compromising on that front. Our workforce can currently only accommodate 28 additional clients at the moment. So you'll want to hurry!

Early Bird

This offer will expire when either one of two things happen...

  • The clock strikes midnight on the night of February 28, 2015, or
  • The twenty-eighth customer locks down on to the offer

whichever comes first...

Even if this offer is snapped-up by only three customers by the time the clock strikes midnight on the 28th, we'll still take it off the table and gladly continue with our business and current customers. Besides, we are happy and they totally deserve our professional attention...which they pay for anyways.

So we are not going to try and hard-sell this to you...we'll just let you make your choice.


Sorry, this offer is currently sold out and is not available!

But if you want...

  • A professionally designed website, that is
  • Fully Database-driven,
  • Search-engine optimized,
  • Personalized attention to detail,
  • Rapid and skillful development

Then this offer is definitely what you want!

Sign-up now by filling-in the small form below and keep an eye on your email...we'll get in touch with you with further details

* First Name:
* Your Email Address:
Your Mobile Phone Number (Optional):

** A few terms and conditions apply, but don't worry...nothing sinister :-) Sign-up now to get full details.

So, are you going to be among the lucky 28?

There is only one way to find out for sure...sign up now!

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